Enabling organisations to develop collaborative relationships that deliver better business results

We can’t do it all alone. Organisations that recognise this are the ones that get ahead.

Smart collaboration opens up all sorts of opportunities, but it means looking beyond your patch and exploring who can help you grow and where the strategic alignment exists. And yes… this may even include seeing your competitors as potential partners.

If you are open to building relationships and leveraging your connections to achieve your desired outcomes faster, you’ll be surprised at how quickly you can see a return on your investment and efforts

I help you connect…

My name is Amanda, call me your collaboration coach, relationship strategist or partnership broker, I simply love helping clients flourish through great engagement.


A simple process …

Identifying stakeholders is one thing. Knowing how to prioritise and leverage these relationships is another. What if you could shrink your list of 100 stakeholders down to 5 and get better results from narrowing your focus?

Well, you can.

I guide you through a simple process with practical solutions to identify, prioritise and engage with stakeholders. You’ll come away knowing how to invest your time in the most valuable relationships for your organisation.

Our Values

  • Approachable & well connected

  • Collaborative & empowering

  • Loyal & committed

  • Transparent & trusted