Time to stop watching?

I’ve been starting my day with a new routine for the last fortnight… so this morning starts with a casual walk along the Waikato River Trails and half way through I feel I’m being watched.

Yes, it sounds all very dodgy but it feels like it is more with a sense of wonder that I’m being examined… so of course I stop and turn to see a paddock full of sheep that I’d previously passed, staring intently. They are gathered at the fence line watching as a group, a collective organised to survey what is happening on the other side of the gate.

I stop, they watch, I take a few steps, they watch, I smile, they watch… and then I do the unthinkable and decide to sing along to Elton John’s “Rocketman” as it plays through the earbuds….and they still watch despite the rendition.

It then dawns on me that sheep by nature are interested in what’s happening beyond their own paddock and I think, we, as functioning human beings, in our businesses do the exact same thing. We watch other businesses, ponder their activities, successes, weaknesses, their plan or strategy and of course, the direction they are taking.

So why is it innate in us, like sheep… is it born out of fear of competition or the idea that someone might be doing better or different than us, or is it simply wonderment?

In my view it is likely to be all of the above and more. Watching other businesses can set the scene for how we work, what’s possible, what we offer or the urgency for us to offer it. Perhaps the value in standing at the fence is that we can see behaviours and values being modeled while gaining some understanding of their strategy... but in a world where collaboration is key, we should be able to see similarities and possible alignment.

Taking the time to recognise common strategic drivers with other businesses can bring about immense opportunities. Acknowledging a shared vision and being able to discuss it over the fence is really the foundation to investigate collaborative options and/or establish a means to achieve collective impact.

And with that type of discussion, comes opportunities to maximise resources, sustain growth and achieve outcomes quicker.

Are you watching anyone over the fence? Perhaps it is time to open a dialogue and establish a connection. If you are wanting to learn how to identify relationships of value and leverage your stakeholder base, let’s chat over coffee - Amanda, 021 756074

Amanda Hema