Building efficiency in your stakeholder engagement

No doubt you have all read or heard Simon Sinek in regards to the importance of starting with “Why?”.  One thing we need to consider is that same approach as we put energy and effort into anything … including external business relationships.

It is all too common to try and tackle the “How to?” rather than get to the root of the “Why?” - How do I engage with XYZ organisation?  What style of consultation should I use for ABC project?  How many parties do I need to communicate with?

Since The Stakeholder Agency first formed in January 2016, we’ve been receiving plenty of requests to support organisations with their stakeholder engagement, looking at how to consult, approach and communicate with external parties but in nearly all these situations we’ve had to strip it back to the question “Why do you actually want to engage?”.

Like almost every other part of our lives and businesses, we “do” just because we have always done or are expected to, we communicate with the same parties because they are front of mind and this tends to happen without reflecting and really investigating the intent of our engagement.

So, what does asking the question “Why?” really contribute to an organisation’s efforts in stakeholder management and their associated planning? Well, there are three key outcomes –

1)    It helps to get your real intent clarified for all involved

2)    It helps select the correct method of engagement and style of delivery

3)    But most importantly…and this is where The Stakeholder Agency adds the most value… it helps to figure out who is most important to talk to and in turn build efficiency around engagement efforts.

Understanding your “Why?” when wanting to talk to people, will narrow down the true number of stakeholders who can add value to your project or organisation goals.  Rather than being overwhelmed while trying to deal with 56 organisations, by simply asking “Why?” the focus can really be on prioritising stakeholders and may only result in tailor-made engagement efforts for 5 stakeholders.  But wait there's more!!!!!  This one question is a step that is so often ignored and is truly transformational for the culture of a business, as it - 

  • Provides a greater return on investment for the relationship efforts made by you and your staff.

  • Streamlines engagement which is more relevant to key stakeholders.

  • Cultivates authentic relationships that can provide additional partnership opportunities.

  • And of course, creates more efficiency in your organisation, and who doesn’t love that?!

It must be said that engagement and relationship management will always take time no matter how well you do it, but making it targeted and relevant to the right people will be more effective, efficient and help you to maximise your resources and achieve your goals faster.

Now is the time for organisations to move from just ‘identifying and engaging with stakeholders’ to strategically prioritising them … and we can help you with that.

At The Stakeholder Agency we commit to reducing “stakeholder engagement burden” by guiding organisations to prioritise their key relationships and assess the health of those connections.

There are two options to begin this shift in your organisation -

  1. Book in for a coffee date to explore your needs – my shout!

  2. Register to join one of our one-day workshops taking attendees through a step by step process.

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