Prioritising Stakeholders Workshop -
Getting the most out of your relationship engagement

Building solid relationships with stakeholders that result in tangible outcomes is vital to the success of any organisation.  We all recognise this.  Yet, simply knowing where to begin can feel overwhelming and frustrating.

Stakeholder management is often put in the 'too hard' basket because it's perceived to be resource intensive or difficult to understand.  But, it doesn't have to be.

For example, what if you could shrink your list of 100 stakeholders down to 5?

Understanding which relationships will provide the most value, who to focus on, and how best to engage, will make this process a million times easier (and more effective).

Get it right and you'll see more efficiencies.  You'll also see a raft of opportunities open up that will deliver a return on investment many times over and help you achieve your goals faster.

Workshop Focus

Run by stakeholder engagement specialist, Amanda Hema, this workshop will give you clarity on how to tackle what might currently seem like a grey area.

Identifying stakeholders is one thing, but knowing how to prioritise and strategically manage and leverage these relationships is another.

This workshop will teach you a new approach with practical solutions to stakeholder engagement.  You'll come away knowing how to invest your time in the most valuable relationships for your organisation.

During this workshop, you'll put the skills you learn into practice by using one of your current projects.  As a result, you'll leave with a tailored engagement strategy you can begin straight away.

Key Learnings

You will leave with a clear understanding of how to:

  • Identify your stakeholders (anyone that has a stake in the success or failure of your business).

  • Prioritise stakeholders by investigating their current interest in your organisation/project and their influence over its success.

  • Map where they currently sit and where they need to be in order to achieve your goals.

  • Understand the type of engagement best suited to each relationship (e.g. communication vs consultation).

  • Create a plan to grow these relationships so they align with your goals.

  • Learn how to monitor the health of these relationships to ensure you stay on track.

Upcoming event

Hamilton - Friday 23 August 2019. Register now - Click here!

Our Commitment

We love helping our clients succeed.  The best way to ensure that learnings 'stick' is to keep our courses small, interactive and intensive.  That's why we limit our workshops to 12 participants.  

“A really great day. Amanda is very good at what she does. Thanks for sharing. “

Andy Mannering, Hamilton City Council

“The tools identified are easy to implement immediately - looking forward to seeing results”

Stephen Shale, Waikato Rugby Union

“Fantastic discussion and knowledgeable presenter”

Angela March, Cancer Society

“Good to take a higher level, strategic approach to the goals we need to set and achieve with stakeholders.”

Sally Birch, Smart Waikato Trust